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ata Fusion International (DFI)
Ltd., formerly Columba Global
Systems Ltd., was established
over a decade ago. The
company is a leading thinker, innovator
and developer of smart, intuitive
technology solutions. DFI’s core solution,
Infinity, is used in homeland security,
financial services and healthcare sectors.
In 2010, Data Fusion International was
introduced to the TSSG through Enterprise
Ireland. TSSG and DFI embarked on a
collaborative Enterprise Ireland funded
‘Innovation Partnership’ project to provide
data mining technology and a Social
Networking Analysis (S.N.A) component for
part of DFI’s “Infinity” product, which is used
by domestic law enforcement agencies in
the criminal intelligence domain.
Technology Need
A typical law enforcement agency can find
around 20% of the facts it needs about a
person of interest from a variety of internal
databases, such as police or the prison
service databases. The other 80% of
intelligence exists external to the authorities
in a variety of places online and is known
as Open Source Intelligence or OSINT.
Newspaper articles, forums posts and social
networks can provide a treasure trove
of data about a target suspect. However,
collating all this information on a single
suspect and using it to derive the dynamics
of a criminal organisation proved difficult
for DFI.
Technology Solution
The TSSG developed software to
automatically extract the complex
connections between individual suspects
from combined searches across internal
data sources and the OSINT. Using these
linkages the software automatically created
a social network graph of the relationships
between persons and organisations. The
algorithms used to generate the graphs have
also proven valuable in identifying hidden
connections and visualising, for example,
gang dynamics and hierarchies. Combining
knowledge available online and applying
mining and analytics techniques provided
huge insight into previously unknown
TSSG’s Specialist Research Unit:
Social Computing
and Data Mining
Research Unit
The project for DFI was delivered by the
TSSG’s Data Mining and Social Computing
Research Unit (RU) led by Eric Robson. The
Data Mining research conducted in the
TSSG focuses on accurately discovering
the maximum amount of knowledge in the
most efficient manner from increasingly
large databases, the so called “Big Data”
problem. In order to achieve this, our
specialised RU researches the full data
analysis life cycle – from data gathering to
data cleaning and warehousing through to
modelling and presentation of results. This
study is combined with research in Social
Computing where methods are investigated
for modelling social behaviour through
computational systems.
The Unit uses machine learning techniques
combined with graph and matrix theory to
build representations of social networks.
These representations are further mined
to give an insight of how people interact
with existing ICT services and infrastructure
in order to predict and shape the
communication networks and services of
the Future Internet.
The Data mining and Social Computing
Research Unit specialise in techniques such
- Social Networking Analysis: network and
matrix theory.
- Predictive Analysis: Classification,
Clustering & Association rules mining.
- Data Warehousing: ETL, star and snowflake
- Semantic Analysis: Knowledge
representations, Annotation, Meaning
Discovery, Ontology matching.
- Context Awareness: Information & Data
Modelling, Location Based, Smart Spaces,
Context Federation & Brokerage.
- Preferences & Personalisation: Dynamic
and static Preference modelling.
For more information please see:
Client Testimonial
“We were delighted to work on a
collaborative Enterprise Ireland funded
‘Innovation Partnership’ project with the
TSSG. The technology developed has
provided a core part of our overall product
offering, providing us with a significant
competitive advantage and new product/
market opportunities which will result in
further job creation at DFI in 2012”
- John Collins, CEO, Data Fusion
Impact of the
The technology developed by the TSSG
was licensed by DFI in September 2011 for
international sale and has provided a new
product/market opportunity for DFI in the
criminal intelligence, financial services and
healthcare sectors. DFI expects the sale and
Partnership Programme
Data Fusion International & TSSG Innovation and Commercialisation Centre
“ The technology developed has provided a core part of
our overall product offering,providing us with a significant
competitive advantage...
support of this technology to create a number
of new jobs and opportunities in Ireland from
2012 onwards.
The TSSG leverages its scientific research
results to deliver innovative research and
commercial solutions for Irish industry and
Enterprise Ireland High Potential Start-Ups
The TSSG engages EI’s TIME (Telecoms,
Internet, Media and Entertainment) cluster of
companies. These companies leverage the
TSSG’s expertise through a variety of R&D
services. These services include: knowledge
transfer, contract R&D, Innovation Vouchers
and Innovation Partnership programmes.
The TSSG works closely with the Waterford
Institute of Technology (WIT) Technology
Transfer Office to provide technology licensing
opportunities for developed technologies.
For further information on Data Mining &
Social Computing Research, contact:
Eric Robson
RU Manager,
Data Mining & Social
Ph: +353 (0)51 302 960
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