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ZolkC - Our Success Story
The Innovative TourismTechnology Specialists Expansion
ounded in 2007 as a commercial spin-
in company of the Telecommunications
Software & Systems Group (TSSG),
ZolkC, the innovative tourism
technology specialists has revolutionised the
tourism and heritage sector. ZolkC’s award
winning technology enables tourism and
heritage sites in Ireland, UK and North America
to engage directly with visitors using a range
of multimedia, video, audio and text-based
content across multiple mobile devices.
ZolkC’s award winning ZED1 platform can be
deployed across multiple mobile platforms. The
innovative technology solution incorporates
multi-sensor navigation integration, including
WiFi, BlueTooth, RFID and NFC, sensing precise
location both indoor & outdoors as visitors move
around a heritage or tourism site to ensure
context awareness on visitors smart phones. It
also provides clients with the ability to access real-
time multi-media content including video, audio,
interactive gaming and augmented reality in
multiple languages directly to the smart handset.
Integration of a backend management system
provides critical data analysis, providing insights
into visitor behaviour, highlighting popular visitor
hot-spots or areas for improvement within the
heritage site.
It’s because of these enterprise-friendly solutions
that ZolkC has won a number of awards including
the prestigious Heritage and Museum Award in
2008 for ‘Best use of technology on a tourism and
heritage site’. These awards recognise innovation,
vision and technological acumen amongst
leading competitors. ZolkC is a perfect example
of how commercial success is a combination of
innovative ideas and underlying fundamental
research to create a technology that provides
a valuable service to end users. Using leading-
edge mobile technology, interpreters from
across the world at heritage and historical sites
of importance are now able to tell their stories in
ways that were previously impossible.
To date, ZolkC has delivered unique and
memorable tours to over 650,000 visitors across
various sites including the Culloden Battlefield
in Scotland, The Ros Tapestry in Co. Wexford,
Jacobite Cruises in Scotland, National Trust of
Scotland Virtual Tour, Dunbrody Famine Ship in
Co. Wexford, with new projects starting in 2012 to
include the Viking Triangle in Waterford City, and
the Jasper Tramway Experience, Alberta, Canada.
According to Paul Savage, MD, ZolkC, “Harnessing
the popularity and power of dynamic mobile
technology is a new and innovative way for
tourist and cultural sites to engage with audiences
to bring history to life,” Paul sees a huge market
for the technology. “Having won the prestigious
UK Museums & Heritage Award in 2008 for a
project completed for the National Trust of
Scotland at the historic Culloden Battlefield,
we are finding that there’s a real need for this
technology at historic sites. Working with TSSG
enabled us to leverage valuable research which
was a vital link to perfecting our technology.”
The technology behind ZolkC was researched and
developed within the TSSG using funding from
Enterprise Ireland research commercialisation
programmes. ZolkC has fully leveraged the
TSSG’s ongoing research in the area of smart
space creation, spontaneous service frameworks,
context awareness and data mining, to deliver
innovative research and commercial solutions for
Recently, ZolkC announced an investment of
€500,000 from Kernel Capital to accelerate the
business growth and enable expansion into new
markets. The investment will enable ZolkC to
expand into the North American market where,
they aim to revolutionise how visitors experience
tourist sites.
ZolkC hopes to further expand its innovative
technology offering to cater for an ever-growing
number of tourist attractions including historical
and natural tourist spots in Ireland, UK and North
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