FIA Dublin 2013

TSSG is pleased to formally announce the hosting of the 10th Future Internet Assembly (FIA), Dublin 2013.The FIA brings together research projects that are part of the ICT programme of FP7. All of these projects are advancing the state-of-the art in their respective areas, and FIA enables open interactions and cross-fertilization across the technical domains, reaching out to talent in Europe’s Future Internet research community. One of the key aims of the Future Internet Assembly is tasked with looking at how we develop a sustainable society.

In order to answer this and other questions the FIA brings together on the one hand thought leaders to discuss fundamental issues regarding future developments in the internet, while on the other hand exhibitors at the event attempt to provide technical solutions to these problems through demonstrating potential new products and services.The theme for FIA-Dublin will be “Future Internet accelerates Innovation”, and the event will focus on how European Future Internet research and innovation will support EU’s competitiveness and enable a new wave of technologies at the eve of Horizon 2020, recognizing the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet in order to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace.

Come and join us and visit our booth at the event or take part in the various workshops. For more information click here FIA Dublin.

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