Project Overview

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Communicate the results of the FP4 ACTS programme.

The idea behind the project was that there were many players outside the ACTS programme who were likely to

* have a key role to play in the early launch of Advanced Communications Services,

* be early users of those services, and would therefore be interested in ACTS results. However because those results are distributed across the deliverables of over 200 projects, they need to be consolidated, packaged and channelled to these external audiences. The project’s channelling products included: * Customised briefings for external readers in ten important business sectors,

Project Achievements

* Summaries of all ACTS guidelines,

* A library of ACTS trials results and product opportunities,

* Over 100 publications about ACTS achievements in the technical and trade press,

* Over 20 presentations on ACTS results to high profile conferences and influential industry bodies,

* Roadmaps for four scenarios for the commercial exploitation of ACTS results,

* A website and CD-ROM presenting the project’s outputs. The success of the project was due to a combination of:

* sector representatives, who established dialogues with key players in their sectors about the type of information they wanted about ACTS,

* technical analysts and authors, who consolidated the ACTS results and packaged them for channeling to the individual business sectors. The conclusion of this final report is that ACTSLINE has succeeded in fulfilling its original objectives and has contributed significantly to raising the visibility of ACTS achievements amongst external audiences.

Additional Details

Public Deliverable Final Report