Project Overview

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The ability to compose, on-demand, networked software services to meet changing requirements is an important step towards the realisation of communications systems that are truly user-centric in nature. This project addressed a crucial problem that had to be solved before dynamic service composition becomes commercially viable – how can users be charged for the use of composed services? Focusing on charging and rating for ubiquitous communications services, the project  developed a domain-specific modeling language for accounting, models for accounting logic supporting dynamic service composition, together with processes, algorithms and architectures to support automated generation and deployment of platform specific mediation and rating code.

The project commenced in November 2005, and was completed in October 2008.

Project Achievements

The project produced the following outputs:

1. A domain-specific modelling language for accounting logic;
2. Models of accounting logic for ubiquitous communications services, including dual level charging schema models;
3. Algorithms for the consolidation of accounting logic relating to constituent services of a (dynamically) composed service;
4. Mapping languages for the transformation of accounting logic models to mediation and rating code;
5. Protocols for dynamic deployment of mediation and rating code;
6. Interfaces for deployment of platform specific accounting component code;
7. Specification of enhanced mediation/rating processes for dynamically composed services.


Summary of outputs

Refereed Academic papers

Jennings, B., Malone, P., & van der Meer, S. 2005, “A Two Phase Rating Process for Dynamically Composed Services”, in Proc. 12th Workshop of the HP OpenView University Association (HPOVUA2005), B. F. Marques, T. Nebe, & B. F. Oliveira, eds., pp. 155-171.

Jennings, B., Malone, P., & Gaughan, G. 2005, “Charging for Dynamically Composed Services in the Digital Business Ecosystem”, accepted for publication in Proc. eChallenges 2005.

Non-refereed academic papers

Gaughan, G. & Jennings, B. 2005, “An Aglorithm for Two Phase Rating of Dynamically Composed Services”, in 9th Institutes of Technology Science & Computing Research Colloquium (ITSCRC 2005).

Gaughan, G. & Jennings, B. 2005, “Two Phase Rating of Dynamically Composed Services”, accepted for publication in Proc. 2005 Information Technology & Telecommunications Conference (IT&T 2005).




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