Project Overview


ANIKETOS will provide methods for analysing, solving, and sharing information on how new threats and vulnerabilities can be mitigated. A platform will be constructed for creating and maintaining secure and trusted composite services. Specifications, best practices, standards and certification work related to security and trust of composite services will be promoted for inclusion in European reference architectures. Our approach to achieving trustworthiness and security of adaptive services will take account of socio-technical aspects as well as basic technical issues.

Project Implementation

The TSSG will contribute to this project in a number of specific ways, in both the technical work of the project and in leadership of the project’s community building and standardisation activities.

Key Objectives

The TSSG will work on two specific research themes. Firstly, given the TSSG’s background in “Dynamic Service Composition” and “Trust Management” this project provides the opportunity to combine the two into a single theme: Aggregation and Adaptation of Trust in Dynamically Composed Services.

The second research theme is to define a scalable framework for secure service composition. This will require the identification of how to represent composed service security requirements (notably, what access controls are needed) at design time, and to identify how services can advertise their security guarantees (notably, the maximum access requirements) at design time. TSSG will provide a testbed to investigate the scalability of service composition security rule deployments, primarily at design time.

ANIKETOS is currently Running and was funded by the European Union FP7 ICT work programme, under ICT Call 5 to a total of €13.9 million euro. The project started in August of 2010 and ends in January 2014.




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