Project Overview


ASTRAL provided a commercial grade system that delivers savings in energy costs to customers enabling them to significantly reduce their energy consumption, resulting in cost savings on OPEX.  The ASTRAL system measures the energy usage of all devices in a building; and controls the power to these devices, based on the policies defined by the building administrator. The policies can be either time- or event-driven. The ASTRAL system also provides graphs of the energy consumed by each user device over a user-defined time period.

The project was initially conceived as a solution for the core telecoms industry segment, the scope has been broadened to include SMEs and similar institutions. The core components are the monitoring of energy consumption, applying policies to this data, permitting equipment not in use to be turned off, thus realising significant energy savings.

Project Implementation

ASTRAL consists of:

  • A central hub to collect the energy consumption from all powered devices. This data is trended and graphed to meet the user needs. The central hub also allows the administrator to enter policies
  • A non-invasive h/w component to measure and control power to each device
  • A small app. for PCs/servers to ensure that all data is saved before turning off

Key Objectives

The benefit of ASTRAL is that it can provide extensive reporting which gives key decision makers precise overviews to monitor energy consumption in the organisation, allowing them to manage costs.

Project Achievements

A pilot installation of ASTRAL is currently running in St. Annes National School, Shankill, Co. Dublin.


  • The Future Electricity Market: Electricity Demand Management in Commercial Buildings and Energy-Optimisation Techniques, Kevin Quinn, 2011.



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