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Users are becoming more drawn towards relying on the Internet, where in the future the Internet will be a very crucial infrastructure. One contributing factor towards this is advance developments in various technologies, including networking equipment (e.g. routers and storage equipments), networking technologies (e.g. WiFi, WiMAX), end user devices (e.g. PDA, mobile phones, and laptops), and software development which has led to increase number of services and functionalities. However, these developments have led to tremendous strains and complexities in managing communication networks supporting the Internet.

The communication network management community have addressed this problem, through the notion of “autonomic network management”, which seeks self-governance (e.g. self-organisation, self-learning, self-management) capabilities in network devices. A number of different autonomic mechanisms, and one particular approach of addressing autonomic mechanisms is by borrowing mechanisms and processes that are exhibited by Biological systems. When investigating the characteristics needed by Autonomic Networks, a number of characteristics match to processes found in Biological systems.

The project is currently ongoing and began 1st October 2009 and is project to end 31st September 2013

Project Implementation

However, there are a number of challenges in employing biologically inspired techniques for autonomic network management. These challenges include, (i) discovering the most appropriate biological mechanisms and applying this to network functionality problem (e.g. resource management or routing), which can be very time consuming, and (ii) integrating different biological techniques to support different self-* mechanisms (since each self-* mechanisms may fit to different biological process). Based on these challenges, the BioFINT project seeks to develop a Biologically inspired toolkit to help support and assist autonomic network researchers in developing solutions. Through a bio-inspired engine the toolkit will perform matching of network requirements to specific biological mechanisms, and will be applicable and open to different communication networks (e.g. wireless sensors or core network).

Project Achievements

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