Project Overview


MAGNETO was a 2.5 year project that finished in May 2011.   It  developed an innovative distributed management framework and service management middleware to  enable integrated service and network management for outer edge devices in emerging networks. The framework provides a means to incorporate the management of home networks into telecommunication service provider management systems to provide end to end service management. The framework also provides a means to organise the management systems into discrete management domains, thus allowing these systems to scale to deal with anticipated expansion into millions of connected outer edge networks. These domains will form a basis for self management of outer edge networks based on an autonomic approach. This will enable self configuration of devices and autonomic handling of assurance issues relating to the operation of services once services have been deployed. The framework will also serve as a basis for providing cross cutting security for home networks. Magneto recognises that service provision in the future will occur in a multiple service provider environment and the Magneto management system will be designed to seamlessly enable such competition.

Project Implementation

In the Magneto project the TSSG are leaders of WP3 “Research and Technology”, were we are carrying out detailed research into the application of specific technologies to the provision of end to end network and service management in Multimedia over IP Networks. The management of a specific domain must be as self contained as possible so the group are examining how a common Autonomic Framework might be applied to all management domains. Such an Autonomic framework will monitor, analyse, plan and execute appropriate actions in order to maintain system stability and also to ensure its optimal operation and security over a highly distributed framework.

Key Objectives

Extending service provisioning and service assurance to the outer edge is a real challenge for service providers. We are examined key aspects of how to provide such services in the network context, and how to assure those services once they are defined.

Project Achievements

Overall impression gained about the project is very good and the project goals were achieved. The starting point is an idea of OVN – Omnipresent Virtual Network used for service and network management. The main goal of the project, to manage the outer edge, will be important for operators for managing remotely home networks at acceptable cost by adding a high level of automation. The scope that was very broad at the beginning of the project has been gradually focussed on some selected areas, ie. Home Area Networks (HANs), IPTV and content sharing. The demos show a prove-of-concept that allowed the reviewers to get the idea behind the Magneto development and it shows that there is an important potential for exploitation.


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