Project Overview

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COIN was an Enterprise Ireland commercialisation fund project with the goal of delivering a pervasive engine capable of enabling SME’s that license COIN to offer a pervasive/ubiquitous computing solution to their clients that would traditionally be priced from the pervasive market place.

The pervasive engine  allowed  SME’s to integrate pervasiveness into their solutions. The ability to offer contextually aware information in a low cost infrastructure created market opportunities that were simply unrealistic previously.


Project Implementation

The pervasive engine uses a user’s context to deliver contextually sensitive information at the correct time, place and relevance. Context to the pervasive engine is defined as:

o Where a user is
o Who a user is with
o What resources are available to the user

Key Objectives

COIN took advantage of the latest hand held technologies to provide a smart extensible pervasive engine.

COIN was funded by Enterprise Ireland and has been running since September 2009.

For further information please visit COIN website or email the Principal Investigator John McGovern.


Enterprise Ireland.