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EPROC was a collaborative European initiative funded by European Regional Development Funding under the INTERREG IIIB North West Europe Community Initiative on Territorial Development, with partners from Germany, Holland, Ireland and Wales. It is an eProcurement project, which encourages and supports the adoption of new procurement processes and tools by SMEs in the more rural areas who might find themselves disadvantaged as a result of new eProcurement systems adopted by their Local Authority.

The project looked at eProcurement very much from the SME perspective taking into account the typical knowledge, capability and IT systems, which are to be found in companies who have traditionally supplied the public sector. It also takes into account the use of local eProcurement as a driver contributing towards sustainable local business development and investigates how the public sector is balancing the potentially conflicting policies of eProcurement and sustainability.


The project ran from  July 2004and was completed in March 2007.

Project Achievements

Operating methodology for public sector authorities wishing to implement eProcurement with SMEs. To be used as a handbook by procuring public authorities.

Operating methodology/handbook for SMEs wishing to trade with public sector organisations.

Methodology and service ethos for the support of sustainable SME development using public sector eProcurement as its driver.

Set of case studies on eProcurement for use as exemplars to both public authorities and SMEs.

Customised eProcurement software for local Authorities in North West Europe*

Evaluation Reports covering the baseline situation, the interim situation and a final report.





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EPROC was made up of the following partners:

  • Lead partner Antur Teifi Cyf of Carmarthenshire (Wales)
  • The Electronic Commerce Innovation Centre (ECIC) at Cardiff University (Wales);
  • MFG Medienentwicklung Baden-Württemberg, (Germany);
  • ISCOM Institute for Sustainable Commodities (Holland),
  • The Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) at Waterford Institute of Technology
  • South East Information Society Stragety (SEISS) at Waterford Institute of Technology