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ESQAT-CHINA was an Asia-Invest II Project focused on Capacity Building for Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that develop or are beginning to develop embedded software. Specifically, ESQAT-CHINA is an Embedded Software Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing Knowledge Transfer Project, providing 20 SMEs in the Beijing area with a combination of:

1.      tailored 1-on-1 consultancy and technical assistance services, and

2.      theoretical and practical training courses and seminars to fit their needs.

Quality standards and compliance shall be the key building blocks to long-lasting business relationships between Chinese and European developers of embedded software. A 2 week Embedded Software QA and Testing Training Course was delivered to 20 Chinese software SMEs with the potential for internationalising their business activities.

Familiarisation with the Chinese market and an assessment of SME levels of expertise underpined the delivered course, which was adapted to meet the needs of the target companies (linguistic, technical, etc.). Course was delivered in two 1-week instalments. SME feedback and company evaluations followed (via feedback questionnaires & on-site evaluations). A practical use case seminar with guest speakers from Europe completed the training programme.

The project started in May of 2006 and ended in October of  2007.

Project Achievements

Strengthened Europe’s economic presence in China and raised European software companies’ awareness in China and vice versa. Exchanged workshops and face-to-face meetings in Europe and China, introduce companies to each other, contributed to enhance European software industry impression in China, changed the view that Chinese companies used to cooperate with American and Japanese companies. Provided opportunities for Chinese software companies in meeting with European companies; show their technical capability and business ranges.

Reinforced private software companies quality control ability and enhanced Chinese software companies’ domestic and international competition ability. By providing Chinese software companies the appropriate training, they have knowledge and information on latest developments in software testing and qualification control under ISO9000 and CMM standard, which is acceptable for European companies. Combining with practical European case study, training familiarizes Chinese software companies with European methodology, so that increasing cooperation opportunity. By improving quality, Chinese software companies can build its reputation in Europe, consequently getting more opportunities.

Facilitated access for European software companies to Chinese big domestic market. Many large multi-national companies with large production and sales operations located in China are now looking to the country as and alternative to India for development cooperation. Mutual communication and visiting between companies through this project or following-up activities deeps this understanding, as well as overcome culture and language barriers.

Promoted new business in software testing and qualification control. By learning experience from European countries, Chinese software can have idea how to spread this new service through whole industry.


Lead applicant: Innovalia Association (SPAIN)
Partners: Beijing Software Industry Association (CHINA)
Waterford Institute of Technology (IRELAND)

Refereed Academic Papers:

Submitted abstract to EuroStar 08 call for abstracts, abstract not accepted.





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