Project Overview


Instant Messenger (IM) is a freely downloadable service that allows two or more users to have real-time conversations with one another from devices (e.g. PCs, PDAs, Mobile Phones etc.) with IM software installed on them.  IM is fast becoming the communications medium of choice for citizens and businesses alike because of the merits of the technology such as the ability to instantly view a person’s availability and subsequently initiate an instant communications session with them as well as the ability to access contacts from any device on any network infrastructure. It is predicted that there will be 670 Million users by 2008, according to Radacati (IT Facts, Radicati Group, June 2004).

The IMPRUVE project changed the way users interact with people, services and devices.  IMPRUVE allowed users communicate with services and devices over pre-existing Instant Messaging (IM) infrastructures, through readily available and popular IM clients. The goal of the project wais to facilitate the efficient creation and deployment of “Real-Time Hypermedia Services” (RHymeS) on an Instant Messaging Information Server (IMIS) and provided access to these services over this new and exciting channel.


The Project ran from 2003 to 2006.

Project Achievements

IMAPI & Client Plugin Design

IMAPI & Client Plugin Software Deliverable

Plug-in Development

IMIS Design

IMIS Tranceiver Deliverable

IMIS Request Processor Deliverables

Published papers

Foley C., Downes B., De Leastar E, van der Meer S.

Instant Messaging as a Platform for Realising Ubiquitous Computing Environment.,

eChallenges Conf. (e-2005), Ljubljana, Slovenia.


eTen Partners: Fullsix, Waterford City Council, Lomme, City of Turin, ICPP, PSI, Aceno

Other Partners: BEA for 3GSM and CTIA Demos


Enterprise Ireland.


Cian Foley,, 051-302926

Jonathan Brazil.

Paul Savage,