IPACSO: Innovation Framework for Privacy And Cyber Security Market Opportunities

Project Overview

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IPACSO is an industry driven initiative coordinated by Waterford Institute of Technology, it will develop a structured knowledge and decision-support innovation framework for identifying, assessing and exploiting market opportunities in the privacy and cyber security technology space.

There are 5 partners in IPACSO, 2 academics Waterford Institute of Technology (TSSG, Ireland) and the Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW) and there are 3 industry partners (Vasco Data Security, Espion Group and LSEC).

IPaCSO is aimed at supporting Privacy and Cyber Security innovations in Europe with State of the Art innovation methodologies and best practices in their innovation process. By adapting existing methodologies available in other industries and optimizing the models for the ICT Security and Trustworthy ICT domain, (specifically cyber security and privacy) and by applying domain specific methods, innovators should be able to obtain a model that can help them in their process. The result being that Innovators will be able to find their road to market faster, more effective and more efficient.

By working together with IPaCSO, and participating in IPACSO bootcamps innovators will be able to learn from existing methodologies, best practices, market considerations, economic incentives and other expertise. By reaching out to IPaCSO, privacy and cyber security innovators will be put in touch with other innovators, business support organizations and financing.

IPACSO is a Coordination and support action (CSA) funded by EU Framework Programme 7.

Project Implementation

IPACSO will identify existing market drivers, inhibitors, environmental influencers, applicable innovation models and develop materials and bootcamps to support the project objectives. The inclusion of an Innovation advisory board in the IPACSO project further assists the process of validating and improving the IPACSO innovation framework during its iterative development cycles.

In addition through the IPACSO bootcamp training, stakeholders provide feedback to the core project team. The framework will support different stakeholders (security innovators in industry and academia) in the privacy and cybersecurity (PACS) space to identify, assess and exploit new ideas (and emerging research outcomes) using innovation and market assessment best practices. The IPACSO framework will develop the existing innovation management state-of-the-art, providing refined support for efforts in the PACS technology space.

The project runs from November 2013 until October 2015, and aims to continue to inspire innovators and providing new ventures will valuable support beyond the lifetime of the project.

Key Objectives

 IPACSO will address the following main objectives:

  • Assess existing innovation processes used in the PACS domain via in-depth stakeholder engagement.
  • Identify a set of innovation framework requirements, interleaving improved innovation practices and case study scenarios, that support PACs domain concerns
  • Assess existing economic barriers to innovation and identify appropriate economic incentives needed to increase security product and service adoption
  • Develop an appropriate knowledgebase and decision support approach that is transferrable to PACS technologies exploiting potential market opportunities.
  • Develop effective training, exploitation and dissemination of the resultant IPACSO framework to target stakeholder groups, both during and beyond the project lifecycle.

Project Achievements

IPACSO has recently met its year 1 objectives and is on track to deliver its innovation framework during 2015. To date we have been reaching out to our stakeholders through the Innovation Advisory Board (IAB) interactions and our bootcamp and we have facilitated our first innovation award. IPACSO is in the process of identifying market conditions and economic incentives for organisations to invest in ICT security and integrate it into their products, services and systems. As a result IPACSO aims to widen the adoption of research outcomes by service providers and wider adoption of ICT security solutions by European companies and users. IPACSO initially through the consortium partners and its network of stakeholder’s aims to unlock the market restrictions, reveal the incentives to create a functioning cyber security market and increase the number of European spin offs in the field. Within Europe a fragmented industry exists in the privacy and cyber security domain, with limited big players at an international and global level. With such big players like Symantec, McAfee, RSA-EMC, there exists a much needed stronger support framework for new and upcoming SME’s and innovative enterprises to adopt and use research outputs in order to get them embedded within the market place and compete effectively. IPACSO will fill this void providing such players with a strong knowledge and decision support framework to access promising future marketable opportunities and niche areas to stimulate the adoption of such ICT security solutions by European, international companies and the wider community of users.

Plans to progress during the next period include further iterations of the framework, guiding principles, idea assessment techniques, interaction with the Innovation advisory board for evaluation and refinement, further IPACSO innovation awards, contribution toward NIS platofrm (WG3) and an economic incentive assessment.




Further details of the IPACSO framework and upcoming events are available on our website:


Zeta Dooly

IPACSO Project Coordinator