Project Overview

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The mCommunity project has developed an eLearning communications platform for teaching and learning based on mobile technology, and integrates with social media channels and Moodle. It is an Interreg project and is part‐funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Programme 2007‐13 in collaboration with Pembrokeshire College and Gower College Swansea in Wales. It is a 3 year project which began in July 2010 and it aims to use technology to engage with disenfranchised individuals and integrate them back into education, training and employment. The project was invited to apply for an extension which it duly received and is now due to complete in June 2015. The extension is focused on the sustainability of the technology post project and is being released as a multi-platform web based system.

Project Implementation

There is an increasing interest in leveraging the capabilities of such online content sharing services for eLearning and by completing integration with the aforementioned communication channels and Moodle for course management, providing a progressive, state of the art collaboration environment for students and teachers alike.

The project engages with sections of the population who are not in employment, education or further training. The objective of the project is to create a new learning experience by making available the latest online communication tools to offer the user a more vibrant, social and relevant learning experience.

Project Achievements

  • Technology successfully trialed with learners and tutors with project partners in Wales
  • Successful integration with the Moodle app as well as dedicated Messaging and Learning Plan apps
  • Integration with individual learning plans in Moodle
  • Design and usability of the system complete including icons and graphics
  • Redesigned system launch of system took place at the end of March 2015




For more information about the project please contact Sean Lyons
Ph: +353 51 302761