Project Overview

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Within the area of Social and Informal Learning (THEME 1), PERCOLATE  researched, developed and evaluated three innovative applications:

  1. A research application involving collaborative and enhanced semantic search to support collaborative discovery and sharing of learner knowledge, experience and resources
  2. An innovative personalisation engine to identify, adaptively retrieve and dynamically compose learning materials and present personalised, and contextualized learning experiences.
  3. An innovative informal learning capture and recognition tool to help the learner identify and describe informal learning events and to encourage knowledge reinforcement and recognition

Project Implementation

Within the area of Informal Learning Metrics/Measurement (THEME 2), PERCOLATE :

1. Researched and developed novel means of collating learner activity and learning achievement within informal collaborative portals and environments. This research linked to the three Social and Informal Learning research demonstrators (THEME 1) which  provided both scenarios for learning measurement and tools for capturing learner activity and achievement.
2. Defined mechanisms for collated learner performance representation, analysis and sharing.
Within the area of Service and Information Interoperability, PERCOLATE:

  1. Developed a set of APIs to enable interoperability between the research applications developed in THEME 1 and 2, and key existing commercial eLearning infrastructure e.g. LEs, LMSs etc.
  2. Defined a set of guidelines and techniques to guide interoperability of future research applications.

The TSSG leads the work in the area of informal learning Metrics/Measurement and Service and Information Interoperability.

Key Objectives

  • The development and evaluation of three complimentary research demonstrator applications to support Collaborative Social Learning, Personalised Learning and Informal Reflective Learning
  • The development and evaluation of tools to capture and measure informal learning activity and informal learner achievement/performance
  • A set of demonstrable techniques and implemented APIs to support learner knowledge and performance interoperability
  • A set of demonstrable techniques and implemented APIs to support the service interoperability between PERCOLATE research demonstrators and key eLearning infrastructural interfaces e.g. LEs, LMSs

PERCOLATE is completed and was funded by Enterprise Ireland. The project started in January of 2011 and  was intended to end end in January 2012 but was extended to April 2012 .

Project Achievements

As part of the year long project, PERCOLATE developed three sophisticated prototypes in the area of information learning. More specifically the project developed technologies around collaborative recommendation, personalisation, learning protals and learning data capture.

The three prototypes were evaluated with their commercial partners, two of which (Higher Ed and Schools K-12) proceeded to be trialled potential end users. The third is planned for user trial in May of 2012.


Enterprise Ireland.


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