Project Overview

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Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) is creating new R&D opportunities across Europe, particularly in an ICT context where projects require an adequate cooperation environment. Despite the numerous advantages of FLOSS as a cooperation model, however, most developed software faces a limited life cycle and applicability. The absence of a common platform where projects can publish their software – with reliable and trustworthy usage terms/conditions – creates adoption difficulties. As a result, software is re-invented within the EU ICT community, leading to duplication of effort and failed R&D opportunities.

Project Implementation

The TSSG will work on providing an online platform to promote collaboration between EU projects and Open Source developers and shall implement software which gathers relevant statistics and information on hosted projects. In relation to this the TSSG shall also focus on providing the training material required for successful adoption of the infrastructure proposed.
The TSSG lead the dissemination activities of the project, where we will increase the awareness concerning the advantages of using FLOSS in EU Projects; Promote the adoption of OSS technologies in EU projects; Integrate the results that clarify legal as well technical aspects of adopting FLOSS; Integrate the results that clarify the possible business models that involve the adoption of FLOSS technologies.

Key Objectives

Adopting FLOSS paradigms will extend the lifetime and sustainability of EU ICT software, increasing contributions to and from the community. To achieve this vision the PROSE project is taking a three-fold complementary approach:
a)    Create and manage a shared platform for FLOSS, capable of generating the required feedback loop;
b)    Develop a training program that provides knowledge and learning about this shared platform, as well as legal and business aspects regarding the adoption of FLOSS;
c)    Execute a dissemination program to increase awareness of the advantages of adopting a FLOSS-driven model in ICT projects.
With these three coordination elements, the PROSE project will increase the sustainability of FLOSS in EU ICT; thereby extending the reach of ongoing FLOSS efforts beyond their current boundaries, and thus increasing the R&D opportunities in the European space.
The TSSG will contribute to this project in a number of specific ways, in both the technical work of the project and in leadership of the project’s community building and dissemination activities.

Project Achievements

PROSE is currently running and was funded by the European Union FP7 ICT work programme, under ICT Call 8 to a total of €488,000 million euro. The project started in October of 2012 and ends in September 2014.




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