Project Overview

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QoSPlan is implementing the theoretical work carried out as part of Alan Davy’s Ph.D. research in the TSSG.  This work identifies methods for identifying the Effective Capacity on a link.

The application being developed can be configured to reject new communications trying to access the enterprise network when these communications are likely to create congestion.

Also it can pre-warn system administrators of potential bottlenecks in their network.


The QoSPlan project is in the process of determining the best route to market for this product, disseminating the product widely to potential customers, carry out initial industry trials and planning for further commercialisation activity.


Start Date:              1/8/2011

Duration:                1 Year


Enterprise Ireland, EU FP7.


kquinn@tssg.org or visit the TSSG website at http://www.tssg.org.

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