Project Overview

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The purpose of the RBS (Rating Bureau Service) project was to analyse, design and implement a highly innovative software service for the Telecommunications and Internet Service Provision industries. The service, assembled using Webservices technology, was based on several years of research into telecommunications management, accounting and billing architectures carried out at the TSSG.

This Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) Rating Bureau Service enabled the composition, hosting and application of flexible and arbitrarily complex charging algorithms. The service  enabled these algorithms to be applied, in real-time, to IP service usage data mediated through the IPDR standard, enabling the construction of online “hot” billing solutions in a variety of scenarios.


Project Achievements

  • An installable suite of COM+ components forming the RBS
  • A web-based interface to the RBS. Compliant with the IPDR record format and accessible as a .Net web service.
  • A prototype, web-based billing solution to produce multiple format bills.

The project ran from Sept. 2001 to April 2004


Enterprise Ireland.


Jonathan Brazil: jbrazil@tssg.org

Presentations for

-          Cape Technologies

-          FHG-Fokus

-          Blackstairs

-          ADC

-          e-Streams

  • Published papers

-          IPOM 2002

-          SCI 2002

-          TecNet 2002

  • Interim Project Updates for EI
  • Final Project Report for EI
  • Reuse in projects

-          Opium

-          AlbatrOSS

-          DBE