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ShoutCloud is a project wishing to capitalise on an increasingly mobile and social society and to address severe failings in legacy customer service systems prevalent today. The output of the ShoutCloud project will be an innovative, paradigm- changing consumer application facilitating immediate feedback on products and services in a digitally social context. The application will be delivered for cross-platform mobile devices such as Apple iPhone and Android and will be portable to other “smart” mobile handsets and tablets. From a brand perspective, ShoutCloud will offer CRM capabilities and a unique and powerful data repository and analytics engine. The analytics component will support and enhance the brand’s understanding of customer service events, consumer behaviour and demographic profiling through the analysis of direct and immediate feedback as well as trends.  Research conducted recently by an international team  built upon previous work that demographic variables have a consistent impact on consumer complaints, defection and loyalty. ShoutCloud is not attempting to analyse the 4% of customers that take the time to provide feedback but rather the 96% that never bother and subsequently defect from the brand.   The opportunity to connect directly to a feedback channel that provides access to the bulk of customers most brands rarely hear from will allow them to see and hear what their customers are saying about them.  It also offers the opportunity to respond, to analyse and to understand how to recover service and how to adjust future service or product behaviour.


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