Project Overview


The TORRENT project aimed at building a test-bed and residential gateway for multi-service access networks that allows the project to demonstrate the benefit of intelligent control, both for the customer and the network operators.

The test-bed supported the definition of hardware and software architectures that allow a home user’s quality of service expectations to be met by employing in a transparent fashion, the most appropriate core transport network, and the possibility of choosing among several physical access interfaces in order to deploy the access network under several scenarios. It was funded under IST programme (IST-2000-25187)
Start Date: 01/05/2001
End Date: 30/11/2003

Project Implementation


Project Achievements

The project provided an implementation using IPv6, for a Linux based residential gateway, which allowed QoS issues to be negotiated dynamically. A hardware prototype was also designed and partially implemented for the subscriber line by Versaware.


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Micheal Crotty,
John Ronan