Project Overview

Wizeoni  logo

Wizeoni (original name MARGADH) is an active project funded under the Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Programme.  The core objective is the creation of a virtual marketplace for the exchange of personal data.  The Wizeoni innovation responds to  disruption in the digital market. The driving forces behind that disruption include increased data protection regulation, higher privacy concerns among individuals and a greater focus on new digital data business models.  The Wizeoni team is motivated by a belief that personal digital data has more value in the hands of the individual.

Key Objectives

  • Develop a cloud base solution with a seamless user interface to enable individuals to unobtrusively store, control and realise the benefit from their personal data.
  • Wizeoni to the user will be a personal data locker in the cloud (cloudlet), with a user interface that allows users to customise their preferences selecting what data they share and with whom they share the selected information.
  • Wizeoni’s brokerage technology will collect and organise data in a highly structured multi-dimensional format according to user permissions and market it as dynamically composed packages according to enterprise needs.


Enterprise Ireland.