Infrastructure Group



The Infrastructure Group (IG) builds and operates the underlying network and server infrastructure that the research and commercialisation projects build upon. The IG are also responsible for the TSSG Data Centre (DC) and TSSG’s 3 office buildings.

The IG’s background is in using open-source alternatives to commercially available products whenever possible. This ethos has two distinct advantages. It reduces recurrent expenses from software licenses. It requires in-depth (expert) knowledge in every system deployed as we must be self-sufficient to install, maintain and troubleshoot the service and all its dependencies.



If you want to work with IG on innovation projects of various sizes (Innovation Vouchers to EU Research) and need a partner with the following expertise:

  • UNIX / Linux systems administration
  • Virtualisation (VMWare)
  • Email, mailing lists and ‘email to X’ processing
  • Web service hosting
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Networking, wired and wireless (including long-haul P2P)
  • Network switching, routing, VRFs, IPv6, experimental protocols
  • Firewalls / Access Control
  • Network monitoring, debugging and graphing
  • Systems Integration
  • General systems ‘hacking’
  • Data Centre Management
  • Turn-Key IT setup of office buildings
  • Using open-source alternatives


Infrastructure Manager Jerry Horgan
Telephone: +353 (0)51 302940


Software Defined Networks (SDN) Platforms and Software Defined Radio Testbed.

“Our aim is to assist industry and academia, research their cloud and networking needs through the use of our various testbeds and technical staff” Jerry Horgan, IG Manager

You can learn more about SDN and SDR Use Cases here : TSSG_SDN-SDR_flyer

Business Solutions Case Study

At Waterford Institute of Technology’s Telecommunication Software and Systems Group (TSSG), pushing the boundaries of what’s possible is central to researchers’ work. A long-term partnership with eircom Business Solutions has delivered essential support to TSSG for more than a decade.

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Support Unit – Infrastructure Members

Jerry Horgan (Infrastructure Manager)
Eamonn Power (Senior Sysadmin/Researcher/Software Engineer)
John Ronan (Senior Sysadmin/Researcher/Software Engineer)
Michael Kugel (Junior Systems Administrator)