V&V Services

Software Process

Expertise in the group covers the full spectrum of software process requirements including:

-    Software Process Improvement
-    Requirements Analysis and Management
-    Agile (Scrum & XP) Development Processes
-    Test Planning, Analysis & Design
-    Defect Tracking & Risk Management
-    Project Management
-    Paper Publications, Project Proposals
-    Archival of Test and Experiment Data

Software Testing

Expertise in the group covers the full spectrum of testing requirements:

-    Broad knowledge of software testing from both an industrial and research point of view.
-    Functional, automated, load, performance, scalability, usability and system level testing
-    Version Control, Continuous Integration, Build Automation

Testbed Services

The V&V team has partnered with national and European leaders in testbed hosting and management for industrial, research and academic aims. Some of these include Deutsche Telecom, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Ericsson. Expertise in the group includes:

-    Provision, setup and configuration of customised testbed equipment
-    Provision, setup, configuration and management of application servers
-    Testbed Federation
-    Virtualisation Setup and Configuration with access to a cloud of Virtual Machines in the TSSG Data Centre
-    Monitoring & Reporting of Testbed Activities
-    Project Management of Integration and User Trials
-    Access to latest smartphones and tablets
-    Testing tools & frameworks such as jMeter, Selenium, Wireshark, Visual Studio, http debuggers, Nagios etc ..

User Experience & Evaluations

User experience is about understanding the expectations, experiences and lasting impressions that users have in relation to computer technologies.  Including end users in every stage of an application lifecycle, from gathering requirements, generating initial concepts and scenarios, through to prototype and product usability testing gives developers and managers focused information which can significantly enhance a products quality and value in the eyes of those who use it. This leads to the creation of products and services, which are not just usable, but delightful and rewarding. Including user experience activities is the first step towards developing great customer relationships.
We have experience in initial user research, planning and conducting user trials, and delivering on user evaluation reports; for social, mobile, web and pervasive technologies with organisations such as Intel, IBM, DLR,  and Heriot-Watt University. We tailor the most appropriate approach for each individual project, from a range of ux methodologies including:

-    Storyboarding
-    Role-playing / body storming
-    Focus groups
-    Talk aloud testing
-    Cognitive walk-throughs
-    Heuristic evaluations
-    Ethnographic methods
-    System Usability Scale
-    Customised surveys
-    Participatory Methods
-    Wizard of Oz