MSc in Computing

Applications are currently open for the taught M.Sc. in Computing (Communications Software), which is closely allied with the core competencies and vision of the TSSG. This MSc programme, specialises in Communications Software and complements the existing research postgraduate programmes provided by the TSSG under the auspices of Waterford Institutes of Technology’s (W.I.T) Dept of Computing, Mathematics and Physics.

Course Outline

This Masters degree programme aims to produce graduates with knowledge, skills and expertise in Communications Software Development. The course will also confer on the graduates a set of personal and professional attributes that will allow them greater flexibility in the development of their own career options. Specifically, the course aims to produce graduates who can:

  • Reason and problem-solve to a high level in the context of communications software technology and its role in business, industry and research
  • Participate in the development of high-quality communications software products
  • Participate constructively in the strategic deployment of new communications technologies
  • Undertake research-based projects for industry, providing effective advice and leadership where required
  • Manage technology-based projects that require the handling of innovation and change in dynamic environments

The programme is to be delivered in a modular format, either as full time 12 month course, or as a part-time 24 month course as follows:

The MSc programme is delivered in a modular format, as follows.

Full-time students (12 months):

Year September- January January – May June-September
1 3 x 10-credit modules + Dissertation 3 x 10-credit modules + Dissertation Dissertation

Part-time students (24 months):

Year September – January January – May June – September
1 2 x 10-credit modules + Dissertation 2 x 10-credit modules + Dissertation Dissertation
2 1 x 10-credit modules + Dissertation 1 x 10-credit modules + Dissertation Dissertation

Students must obtain 90 credits from a combination of six 10-credit modules and a dissertation. Certain modules are designated as mandatory for the named MSc award (i.e. Communicatons Software). Elective modules are chosen by students, subject to their availability and approval by the programme board. A combination of two 5-credit modules is considered equivalent to a 10-credit module.

Part-time students are generally released by their employers to attend classes for two mornings per week (2 hours per morning). This is supplemented with online support.

You can view the details of each module by clicking on the appropriate link

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Entry requirements

An honours degree in computing or equivalent. The number of places available on the course will be limited. Therefore an interview process may be required in the student selection procedure. International students are required to meet the WIT postgraduate TOEFL (600)/IELTS (6.5) English Language requirement standard.

Admission Queries

Graduate Admissions,
Registrar’s Office,
Waterford Institute of Technology,
Tel: +353-51-302670

Necessary documents & further information

For up-to-date information, please visit:

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