The FAME testbed provides a highly comprehensive, flexible and powerful platform for tests, validation, and evaluation of algorithms, protocols, tools etc.
This can be used to specifically refine and tune algorithms and knowledge-based systems which can’t be achieved through simulations. By the size of the testbed and the users connected to it, it will also possible to make tests that can evaluate scalability aspects which can be difficult if not possible to model and/or identify through simulations of models and algorithms. On another strand of research, a testbed allows for evaluations of aspects of interoperability which is a key feature for systems that are to cope with heterogeneity and the challenges to bridge systems across domain boundaries. Most importantly it is designed to accelerate the validation and translation of communications management research in to products and services.

The research infrastructure (RI) is a mix of ICT equipment designed to provide a unified communications and networks testbed built upon commodity components. These components consist of server, storage, network, radio, and software elements. This modularity of components is by design and provides a flexible and reconfigurable infrastructure based on research needs, with a major emphasis on emerging communications technologies and protocols such as Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Radio, Cloud Computing, and (network / server) virtualisation services.


For more information contact Jerry Horgan

Infrastructure Manager Jerry Horgan
Telephone: +353 (0)51 302940
Email: jhorgan@tssg.org


Events Hosted by TSSG to promote Testbeds. 

late 2017 – TSSG intend to host an SDN/NFV Workshop, Dublin. Date TBC. Expressions of interest email jhorgan@tssg.org

2016 – Building Cloud Systems for IoT Systems, Dublin

2016 – Beyond SDN and NFV Workshop, SDN World Congress, Hague.

2015 – Discovering your Roadmap to Technology, Waterford

2014 – Driving Innovation for the Next Generation SDN, Dublin.

2013 – Innovation in a Box, Dublin.

Events Attended to promote testbeds for TSSG. 

1. SDN World Congress, Netherlands.

2. Future Internet Research and Experimentation, Slovakia

3. IoT Summit, Dublin.

4. NetFutures, Brussels

5. ICT Forum Workshop, Brussels.

4. Tech Connect Live, Dublin

5. Research and Innovation Conference, Dublin.

Media and Public Engagement 

2017 Public Relations

It’s time to replace the internet, warns researcher

Workshop guides Software Defined Networking community on solution for isolated network connectivity and performance

2016 Public Relations

TSSG at the 41st IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN)

TSSG participates in translantic ICT forum workshop

TSSG to present on new way to delivery on NFV, with RINA

TSSG wins €6m EU 5G PPP project to catapult Ireland into premier league in European telecoms industry

TSSG PRISTINE project awarded for the Cleanest Perfect Pitch at Net Futures 2015

Irish Academia and Industry poised to lead the Development of Next Generation Internet

Irish Minds are Reinventing the Internet.

Case Studies 

Iricent was founded to help service providers and enterprises realise the potential of SDN and NFV. Iricent’s expertise and direct relationships with established global vendors and innovative start-ups mean they are ideally placed to enable businesses and service providers transform their networks into flexible, cost effective and revenue generating platforms. Iricent offer a complete suite of SDN and NFV-based open networking solutions, applications and services including consultancy, design and delivery.  Read More (Download PDF)


Iricent Ltd.

At Iricent Ltd. (www.iricent.com) we focus on enabling service innovation using SDN and NFV solutions and have been engaged with TSSG in an ongoing research and development collaboration. Throughout our engagement we have been continuously impressed with both the quality of the outputs and the open inclusive approach of the very knowledgeable TSSG personnel.

– Damian Murray, Director of Iricent Ltd.




The Federated, Autonomic Management of End-to-end communication services (FAME) Strategic Research Cluster (SRC) will develop autonomic management solutions incorporating new semantic analysis techniques, that can be applied to build federated network and service management systems that understand changes in the environment and coordinate their actions to reconfigure network resources and services to effectively deliver services on an end-to-end basis.

Learn more about the project HERE 

 CONNECT Centre 

CONNECT is the Science Foundation Ireland research centre for communications networking, services, applications and technologies. Its mission is to research, develop and innovate solutions to the communications challenges facing society. New broadband architectures, new cellular technologies and the Internet of Things is at the centre of its work.

Learn more about the Connect Centre HERE