Research Units

The Telecommunications Software & Systems Group is thematically structured by Research Units. The TSSG’s core expertise focuses on Telecommunication management, usability, flexibility, trust and security of communication systems, innovative services, network infrastructure, social media and mobile.

TSSG has approximately 40 active projects per calendar year , undertaken across core Research Units (RU) relating to a range of research themes including:

  • Emerging Networks Laboratory – Investigating emerging network paradigms and processes for communication networks, infrastructure, smart grids and green systems of the future.
  • Data Mining & Social Computing – Researching the full data analysis life cycle data gathering, data cleaning and warehousing through to modelling and presentation of results. Social Computing investigates methods for modelling social behaviour through computational systems.
  • Mobile Services – Developing mobile applications for iOS, Android and Native using HTML5 and Hybrid,  Sophistcated cloud based services with mobile clients and web frontends, secure and scalable multimedia services, Product and market strategies for your new idea, product, or service.
  • Creative Development Unit – The CDU offers a wealth of user experience, data visualisation and information design and development expertise. Visualisation, digital prototyping and interface planning are just some of the services on offer that can help enhance great research and innovation.