Context Driven Augmented Environments

Augmented Reality systems via dedicated HMD’s or mobile technology devices have the potential to impact every aspect of our home and work lives.  This technology enhances our perception of the real world by adding 3D graphical, audio and positional data in context with our real world and real-time environment and allows us to interact or modify this data via peripheral input devices and/or computer vision or sensor driven gesture recognition systems.  This technology can be applied to a range of verticals including but not limited to education, health/medicine, construction, security, arts and entertainment, communication, tourism, manufacturing, navigation and many more.  Our work in this area includes research and development into the use of inertial measurement units to provide sensor data to drive context aware environments, the combination of context data via hardware sensors and non-contact sensors e.g. non-visible light tracking for high accuracy motion tracking, user and augmented environment positioning were GPS technology is not available, the representation, positioning, scaling and stability of 3D assets in real world environments, user interaction in augmented/virtual environments and network connected AR collaboration tools.

Industry Engagement:

We are currently dealing with a number of companies in a wide range of industries within this research area producing technical reports to investigate the technology on our client’s behalf and creating technical roadmaps on how they can deliver successful future products and services.  Our areas of engagement include the following industries –  construction and architecture, transport, entertainment systems, interior design, video games and health.