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The Data Mining and Social Computing Research Unit focuses on the research and development of Data Driven Services (DDS). These are specific services that exploit and directly monetise the potential in large data sets. They are specifically designed to release the potential re-occurring revenue streams in operational data that is above and beyond market insights – effectively ‘Tier Two of Data Analytics’. To realise these services, we lead research and development in the complete data analysis life-cycle.

Through this research we have a developed a deep understanding of:

  • Data Generation: Interfacing with mobile telecoms networks, sensors networks, social networks
  • Data Enrichment: Context awareness & management, semantic analysis, location based technologies.
  • Data Processing: Predictive analytics, social network analysis over distributed and non-distributed environments.
  • Data Storage: Relational and NoSql infrastructures.
  • Service Presentation: mobile applications, graphing & charting.

The team has a proven track record in developing solutions directly for academic and industrial clients that have led to significant commercial successes. Recent successes in this area are in the launch of Spin-Out Company ZolkC which uses pervasive technology designed and developed in TSSG, the licensing of social network analysis software in the criminal intelligence domain and the development of fraud detection algorithms resulting in savings of €1Million per month for a mobile operator.

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