Adaptive Networks

Service Management

Within the area of Adaptive Networks we also consider service networks, and how these services and service groups can adapt to changing network conditions. In particular we investigate biologically inspired approaches to allow services autonomously self-govern, with minimal human intervention. The solution that has been investigated models each individual service as a biological entity. Therefore, similar to a biological organism, each service is able to migrate, replicate, manage its own energy, and die. This is similar to behaviours found in typical biological organisms, which consume food to maintain energy while performing work. In the event that the current habitat becomes harsh, the organisms would migrate to a new environment, and reproduce or replicate to create new colonies. Our adaptive service approach embeds these different mechanisms and behaviours into the services to allow these service entities live autonomously in an environment. Similar to some organisms, these adaptive services can also emit a gradient field in order to attract service requests, which enables a service to be efficiently discovered in a peer to peer service environment. Another important facet of biological organisms is the ability to form communities. In each community, the organisms are able to co-exist with other organisms in a symbiosis, by supporting and collaborating as a group. Through the use of this community concept, we have shown that distributed service composition can be carried out more efficient.


Dr. Ray Carroll, Chris Foley

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