Future Internet

Our research in context of Future Internet relates to exploring avenues to critical research questions by generally employing a clean slate or generic approach to address the relevant problems and how to find solutions to them. In this regard research undertaken in scope of Future Internet generally overlaps with other and existing research areas, however the outcome might rather be disruptive in nature, as well as being generic and technology-agnostic. Through refinement processes those results can then be applied to both existing and future technologies. As an example one could imagine that instead of finding hooks to bridge and translate between existing name spaces, one could research into network architectures that could be served through a new, innovative and possibly just one name space, alleviating many of the problems incurred by existing name spaces, e.g. size of routing tables, the static nature of DNS management, and complex maintenance aspects related to mapping between different name spaces. When and if applied into existing networks, the new name space could be the common denominator through which other name spaces can interoperate. We are thus generally studying more overarching and fundamental architectural issues in scope of Future Internet encompassing topics such as naming, routing, interoperability and federation, traffic measurement, resource optimization, QoS/QoE, distributed monitoring techniques, autonomics and self-management algorithms. We may in this regard also use cross-disciplinary approaches to solving problems, for example bio-inspired networking.


Members and collaborators can be identified by checking out the listings for the other research areas even if most researchers will go between what would characterize topics and challenges of the Future internet while also engaging in more short- and mid-term research activities.


TCD, UCD, NUI Maynooth, UCC, Alcatel Lucent, Cisco, IBM



Recent Publications

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