Scalable Monitoring Techniques

 IPTV performance monitoring, Small cell network monitoring

IPTV is an important source of revenue for operators, but this service places huge demands on the network infrastructure. Monitoring and control of these heterogeneous networks is further complicated by the complexity of quality of experience measurement for video. In such a system new approaches to quality assurance and in particular collecting relevant metrics are vital. This work describes a novel architecture for managed quality of experience in IPTV networks. It also explores scalable metric collection techniques using 1) traditional RTP and 2) OpenFlow. This work is then integrated with new techniques for estimating video quality, managing IPTV service delivery networks and analysing and visualising network quality of experience anomalies.

 Small Cell Monitoring

The value-chains of networks and services are becoming increasingly interlinked. This has created an increased demand for improved connectivity for users. Operators are deploying femtocells as a cost effective solution for improving coverage and capacity in the home. It is appreciated that the volume of monitoring traffic from these networks will increase and that traditional Broadband monitoring approaches will fail to scale to this new dynamic environment. We have developed a method for in-network monitoring which is distributed, scalable and reduces the amount of monitoring data reported by grouping femtocells.


Dr. Ruairi de Frein, Xingyun He, Cristian Olariu


IBM Tivoli – Paul French

University College Dublin – Dr. Christina Thorpe, Prof. Liam Murphy, Prof. John Murphy, Adriana Hava

Trinity College Dublin – Dr. Robert Brennan, Yuiquin Song


SFI Technology Venture Programme 2012

Joint SFI-EI Technology Innovation Development Feasibility Study 2011


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