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Through working with the ITS research group in TSSG, we will bring our wealth of expertise in Intelligent Transport Systems and Smart Mobility Platforms and applications to suit your business needs. We specialise in understanding our clients’ needs for progressing their technology and their business. We have experience in understanding the commercial climate and delivering solutions to match. We leverage state of the art technologies to build solutions that perform and excel in competitive markets.

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Areas of Expertise

• ITS Sensor Technology Applications and Platforms
• Pedestrian & Cyclist Detection systems
• Priority Traffic Management and Modeling
• 5G Automotive Communications
• Communications Infrastructure Management in ITS (V2X and Risk Communications)
• Open Interconnected ITS Data Management Platforms
• ITS Data Analytics (Context-Aware and Machine learning Platforms)
• ITS Realtime Policy Processing
• ITS Visual Data Dashboards
• Vehicle Telematics

Main Contacts:

Frances Cleary, Technical ITS Team Lead (+ 353 (0)51 302919  Email: