Smart Urban Transport

Key researchers in TSSG :

John, Mc Loughlin , David Ryan, Frances Cleary

“TSSG are currently undertaking research in this innovative research domain with respect to the challenges and issues relating to VRU safety, context aware platforms and beacon technologies etc “


pdf    Safercycling Project


Intelligent and Safer Junctions , Supporting Safer Cycling’ ( Full paper Publication) accepted at the International Cycle Safety Conference ICSC2016, 2-4 November 2016, at Bologna, Italy

TSSG News Articles Of Interest:

TSSG news article   Waterford pilots ‘Safer Cycling ‘ Project, with the help of Go Dungarvan


In 2010 the European commission introduced a new ‘EU Road safety programme , where the main key focus and objective was to cut the number of road deaths in half by 2020. At the same time vehicles move towards a digital platform capable of providing technologies supporting telematics systems, satellite navigation, Internet connectivity etc.

Effective, low cost, wireless sensors provide the capability to measure, predict, and share information about the presence of road users, particularly vulnerable road users like cyclists, at busy traffic junctions/ roundabouts. Such sensed information and systems would contribute to the prevention of injury, and indeed saving lives of vulnerable road users. Vulnerable road users, in particular cyclists, are being overlooked as a target to benefit from advanced safety measures that take advantage of Intelligent Transportation Systems and the latest sensor technology.

Waterford Institute Of Technology  - TSSG has been actively researching into new and emerging ICT and sensing technologies that can be utilized for the development of new concepts and innovative applications . SaferCycling is one such project completed within TSSG to target such research challenges ( See whitepaper above ). Gaining valuable expertise in beacon technologies , sensor technologies, context – aware platform development and supporting mobile application development.

TSSG continue in their  focused research in this domain and are eager to engage with interested organisations for fruitful collaboration.