Kriti Bhargava

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Kriti Bhargava

PhD student
Personal Summary

Kriti commenced her PhD in Science at TSSG, in October 2014, after completing her Bachelor’s-Master’s in Technology (Computer Science and Engineering) from LNM Institute of Information Technology, India, in May 2014. She is currently working on the SFI Precision Dairy project under the supervision of Dr. Stepan Ivanov and Prof. William Donnelly. Her thesis entitled ‘Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Based Analytics for Precision Dairy Farming’ focuses on the design of novel Fog Computing algorithms for sensor-based execution (sensor analytics) to provide real-time solutions for dairy farming applications. Her work addresses three main aspects of the project:

  • Development of a universal sensor system to monitor the environmental conditions within the farm, as well as animal health and mobility.
  • Design of an algorithmic framework for the implementation of analytic tasks on battery-powered sensor devices in the context of Precision Dairy Farming.
  • Design of a policy logic to accommodate specific adjustments in the WSN-based analytics to cater to the changes in the requirements of the farm management personnel.

Journal Articles

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