Peter Scanlon

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Peter Scanlon

Experienced Software Developer
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Personal Summary

ORCID ID – 0000-0002-8388-642X

Peter joined Telecommunications Software & Systems Group in January 2016 as an intern in Mobile Ecosystem & Pervasive Sensing (MEPS) research division.  Following on from that internship Peter took up the role as Graduate Software Engineer. Peter took up the role as Experienced Software Engineer in July 2018 in the same research division.  In January 2020, Peter moved to Professional Software Engineering Services Unit.

Since joining TSSG, Peter has worked on various projects.  These include:

  • ExerScout: Development of a multi-function application that allows a non-marker based motion tracing system, automatically assess an individual performing a range of movements and proscribing a suitable corrective exercise intervention program. Further research was also undertaken to investigate if the technology developed could be used for gathering data about a person posture, balance and gait.
  • CDaaS: The CDaaS (Clinical Data as a Service) platform provides a mechanism that can be utilised by Point of Care (PoC) givers to provide an early and accurate infection diagnosis solution. A mobile application was developed to allow PoC givers to gather the data required to give an accurate diagnosis. The mobile application gathers minimal patient data for the diagnosis. The mobile application also communicates with a Lab on Chip (LoC) device. The communication protocol used is over Bluetooth. The LoC provides the biomarker information that is required for infection identification. The mobile application gathers all the required data and then sends it out the CDaaS platform for analysis. The mobile application receives notification of the results and the PoC giver can review them.
  • TransSec: Development of an Android mobile application for V2P communication for the module of V2X communication element of the project. The purpose of the application was to notify users of the imminent threat of a terrorist event and notify them of the current location of the event and provide them with an evacuation path.

Peter has also worked on a range of collaborative projects, contributing to state of the art analysis, system architecture specification, software development and concept development both internally within TSSG and as part of a distributed research team.


In 2016, Peter graduated with a First Class Honours in Higher Diploma in Science in Computer Science.  Peter is currently studying Master of Science in Computing (Enterprise Software Systems) in Waterford Institute of Technology